Weezie Bancroft Brabner was born into a traditional southern family home from Mobile, Alabama. Weezie now shares her home and studio in Fairhope, Al. with her husband, Jason Phillips, and their wonderful dog Jolie.

Art has been a large part of her life. Her father began as a Photoengraver at the Mobile Press Register, and then began his own business as Bancroft Engraving Co. in the late 50's. A family business, Weezie worked all jobs and it was here that she worked with painting negatives for making printing plates. Her vocation for painting began to flourish in the mid 80's. She also began to travel and Plein Aire paint in world art tours with Thurman Hewitt Workshops. From the California coast to Guatemala and also in the orient from China, Thailand to Myanmar.

As a former art student from the University of Southern Alabama, she continued studies as a student in Paris, France at the Citie Universitaire in 94' and 96'. Visiting the Louvre and many Museums was a regular occurrence. Her concentration was of the impressionist painters. Painting on the same locations that have given inspiration to Monet at Giverny and Honfleur in the north of France, to Van Gogh and Gauguin's Arles, and to Cezanne's Provence in the South. Learning to employ minute brush strokes in an attempt to paint a fragment of life, in the fullness of natural light. A wide margin of individual inspiration was afforded her with her own unique inventiveness. She continues to re invent herself with each new piece of art work created.



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