Weezie takes a few commissioned portraits per year.  Please contact her for information on your portrait.

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Haji zahir, is the son of the HaJi Qadir, a former mujahidin commander and member of President Karzai's cabinet, who was assassinated in Kabul in 2002. Haji Zahir holds the position of Chief of Border Security for Afghanistan.

The portrait was commissioned in recognition o f Haji Zahir 's many years of community service to the Afghan people, such as building language learning computer centers and recreational gyms, all for the less fortunate Afghans.

Weezie Bancroft Brabner is an artist living and working from her studio in Fairhope, AL.
A large amount of her work is in conjunction with area Architects and Interior Decorators.

She is currently represented by "Patina", An art gallery in Fairhope, AL. Some recent paintings can also be found on her website @ www.bancroftbrabner.com













Haji Azhir, above in photo, is seen receiving the portrait ih his
home in Afghanistan. He was very pleased with the painting.

Meyer Real Estate Project

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An architectural project for Meyer Real Estate at Gulf Shores Pkwy. The newly built office and condo complex. An innovative design by Tag Architects and Alice Cutright, ASID. Art and Architecture working hand in hand to create an awe inspiring place for both work and recreation. Eleven (11) paintings by Weezie Bancroft Brabner, gild the wall in the lobby entrance, to a most interesting beach panorama mural effect. Taking you from morning to evening with the activities associated with living on the Gulf of Mexico. In particular the beaches of pleasure island along the gulf front. Spirals in the impressionism essence of sea shells are painted on the ceilings in pale yellows with threads of bright colors running thru. Free for the viewing. All paintings painted 30 x 40 on Polish uncalendered linen, to give it the natural sienna color look. The rough texture is lovely for an impressionistic scene. Painted on flat panels and hung on wooden sewn bones.

U.S.A. Children's and Women's Hospital Project
January 2005


The Hospital received the third year of a five year $250.000. pledge from Food World & the Senior Bowl, to fund the recent renovation of the Hospitals lobby. Children’s & Women’s is one of fewer than 10 freestanding hospitals in the country providing care exclusively to children and women. Tag Architects and Alice Cutright, designed the renovation of the entrance as well as many other depts. in the hospital. With a Modern feel, showing a lot of glass at the entrance and with watery cool colors throughout, Alice wanted to introduce color into the entrance with the portraits hung on either side of the Hospital logo. Ten (10) women’s portrait paintings were created by artist Bancroft Brabner of different ages in women’s lives, representing those who come to the hospital for care. The artist research for the subjects was to look for those individuals whose faces showed a winning and vibrant attitude. Their eyes and faces are full of promise, wisdom, joy, good health, and happy lives. They represent all women who take care of themselves. Square, 18” Plexiglas panels were cut and beveled and painted directly on with acrylic paint and then sealed.

Cabaret-A Star Studded Review

The committee  for Public Art 3rd annual “Cabaret-A Star Studded Review’ @Rock Creek.    A live auction featuring art works created that evening by Nall and Bruce Larsen, Weezie Bancroft Brabner and Stacey Howell, Randy Moberg and Bill Thompson.  Monies raised will go  toward the purchase of “The Dolphin  Family” sculpture by James Sardonis.  This sculpture will be placed near the Bay by early fall 2005. Congressman Jack Edwards and his wife Jolane purchased  Weezie Bancroft Brabner and Stacey Howell’s collaborative art piece  30 x 30 painted in acrylic on canvas.




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