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Major League Teams:
 ● Los Angeles Dodgers 1983-1994
 ● Colorado Rockies 1995-1999
 ● Detroit Tigers 2001-2005

Four (4) Divisional Championships:
 ● '83, '85, 88 Dodgers
 ● 1995 Rockies

One (1) World Championship:
 ● 1988 Dodgers

Two (2) All-Star Teams:
 ● 1998 National League
 ● 2005 American League

Todd Maulding

has been part of a major league team for 23 years. He is a Lifetime Gold Card Member of the Association of Professional Ballplayers of America, and has been a part of Major League Speaking Bureau.

WHY - is this called a School of Baseball? Simple. Here at the 'Todd Maulding School of Baseball' we teach your child the proper mechanics in hitting, throwing, sliding, bunting, and a lot more. Unlike a camp, we specialize in the teaching end. There will be no games. You child will not be competing against other kids, just themselves.

I UNDERSTAND - too many children don't know how to play the game properly, or they just don't have fun. That's the reason I felt it was time for me to do something.

GOAL - My goal is to help the kids come away with understanding and fundamentals of how to play baseball the correct way, without injuries and most of all to have fun and enjoy the game of baseball.

FAVORITE POSITION - Each child will be asked to pick only one position per school session. Each school session will only have room for 70 kids. Space is limited.

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